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Skirting is attached to the outer edge of a table with the aid of Velcro® clips and hangs to the floor. It is primarily used for banquet serving tables: rectangular, round, oval or serpentine in shape. Skirting is available in three styles:

Shirreds.jpgshirred (shown in white woven polyester),
Kensington box fitted navy3x3.jpg
box-pleated (shown in Kensington Navy),
and bunting (flat-no pleating shown in Cottunique Gold).

When using skirting, you need to know the dimensions of the table or stage and how many sides you will be covering. If using clips to attach, you will also need to know the thickness of the table to make sure the appropriate clips are shipped with your order.

The top of the table will need a cover as well. This can be the same fabric as the skirting or a plain white cloth that you may already have. Skirting toppers typically have only a 6" drop, but a larger cloth would be fine too since the excess will be behind the skirting.