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Table runners are available in any fabric. Standard widths are 10", 12", 15" and 18", although any width can be made. They are made with square or pointed ends.

If you already have a tablecloth, a runner may be added to dress up the table or to introduce an accent color. Runners are used when a full size topper/overlay is not desired.

Each table may feature one runner or, for a more festive look, two runners may be placed on the table in a crisscross pattern.
large_IMG_6308_0.JPG large_IMG_6307_0.JPG

Photo features Lemon Cottunique tablecloth with Highlander Pastel runners.

A series of runners placed horizontally across a rectangular table, creating a "placemat" for each seat, presents a contemporary look.
large_IMG_6299_1.JPG large_IMG_6305_0.JPG
Photo features Chevron Charcoal Runners.