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Clothing Protectors

Clothing protectors are used in health care facilities to reduce the staining of clothes due to a spill. These items are also referred to as Adult Bibs. Previously these items were manufactured using terry cloth or plastic. However, with the recent changes to federal regulations requiring a more "home-like" environment in nursing facilities, clothing protectors are manufactured in many styles and fabrics. Some clothing protectors resemble apparel looking like a vest or a scarf. The clothing protector fabrics currently being used are durable spun polyester, poly/cotton damasks and other less institutional fabrics.

dignity napkin-COTCHDG2830HVS.jpg Clothing Protector-COTCHTP1830MVS-BIG.jpg
Dignity Napkin Tapered Clothing Cover with Neck Strap
Dinner Scarf 1.jpg Vest_0.gif
Dining Scarf with snaps Vest Style Clothing Protector

In restaurants and first-class/business-class sections of airplanes, the buttonhole bibs are very popular. If wearing a tailored button-down shirt, this can attach right to the top button. If wearing a shirt without buttons, they can easily be tucked into the shirt at the neck.
Buttonhole Bib.jpg
Buttonhole Bib-Cottunique Burgundy

The traditional plastic lobster bib used in restaurants worldwide is being replaced by those made with durable, reuseable fabric in an effort to "go green".
lobster bib red check.jpg
Lobster Bib-Red Polycheck