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Cloth Face Masks


Cloth Face Mask

  • 1-ply mask in durable/washable Cottunique® 100% spun polyester or 2-ply in Polyester Solid, select Poly/Cotton Prints or soft Athena matte satin.
  • Soft elastic ear loops with adjustable cord lock.
  • Sold by the dozen.

1-Ply Cottunique $49.05/dz. 57 Colors to choose from! Choose a contrast color merrow to match your school/team colors!

2-ply polyester, poly/cotton print or Athena matte satin 62.25/dz.*

Tablecloth Company makes no warranties, express or implied, that this product can reduce or eliminate the transmission of any virus, pathogen, or particle. Use of this product is at your own risk. Please consult a qualified health professional for all medical and pathogen transmission advice.

Left to right:White with Hunter Merrow, Purple with Gold Merrow, Red with White Merrow, Silver
cg both.jpg
Poly/Cotton Print 2-ply Face Masks
summers garden.jpg
Poly/Cotton Print 2-ply Face Masks
poly-athena royal.jpg
Polyester Royal 2-ply Face Masks