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Working in this position for over twenty years, I have heard my fair share of complaints from customers. However, there is nothing nicer than receiving an at-a-boy! When a customer takes the time to email us to tell us how happy they are with our company, it’s a great feeling. So imagine my surprise last month, when I received the beautiful hand-written note below and a box of chocolate from one of our customers! I was beyond thrilled. The art of composing a personal note has been lost to the texting world. It is so special to receive something like this in the mail.

note for blog.jpg

Tablecloth Company prides itself on its customer service for all of our clients. Whether they are buying one tablecloth for their Thanksgiving dinner or one thousand tablecloths for an upscale hotel, we want to treat every customer with respect and let them know how much we appreciate their business. Just this week I received this email from a customer that has been purchasing from us since 1997:

“We have bought every cloth in our collection from you and appreciate the service you provide. As a church, I realize our orders are not as large as you receive from other customers but you have always responded promptly as if we were a large company.” –N.K., Florida

It’s also a happy occasion when a client changes jobs and brings us along for the ride! If one of our clients is pleased with our products and service, they tend to want to buy our cloths no matter where they work. Here’s a comment that was added to a quote request from a returning customer.

“Love your company.....sold your linens for years with [name of former employer]. I am new at [name of current employer] and we are in dire need of linens. Please send swatches right away.” –S.H., Tennessee

Since all of our items are cut to order, it is our responsibility to ask the right questions to ensure that our customers are going to receive what they really want. To some people, the initial list of questions they receive in the email response to their quote request can be daunting. But, we do all we can to explain the ins and outs of table linens. From table sizes to cloth sizes, desired drop, inverted hem, shirred skirting, etc., we have a language all our own! Alternatively, there are times when the customer is the one with all of the questions. That’s fine too! That is what we are here for. A new customer sent me this comment after placing her first order with us.

“Thank you Mary for being so helpful and patient with all of my questions. I really appreciate all the time you took answering the questions.” –K.M., Nebraska

We are always ready to help all of our customers, whether they have been ordering from us for 30 years or just starting out. They are all considered part of The Tablecloth Company Family.